How to buy PREMIUM and what for?

By purchasing our Premium account, you can consider yourself an awesome user who assists us to help people in less developed countries to avoid Internet restrictions, get access to uncensored information, and fight for freedom in their countries. 

Literally at the sandwich price, we provide our Premium users with more locations, the fastest speed and priority on servers (no waiting for a free-slot when network is overload). 

Premium users can also access servers, where p2p(torrent) is permitted. 

You can pay by credit card, Paypal or other payment methods. You can cancel your subscription anytime and we will never charge you without permission and are always happy to give your a money back in first 30 days.

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    sorry I cant access my PRAVTIX on computer after I brought the premium account for 1years, is really bad /... is not connecting on my computer.

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    why cant i cancel my subscriptin? and why don't you guys reply my email, request. i am so angry. please reply my request now

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