Is Privatix FREE? How is it possible?

Privatix is completely FREE and available to any Internet user who has installed and set up our browser extensions, mobile apps or desktop software. 

At the same time we stay FREE, we need to finance our servers and operational costs, so we also provide PREMIUM accounts for the sandwich price. Premium users help us to cover expenses and provide free and uncensored Internet in countries where users cannot afford sophisticated encryption solutions. 

Buying Premium – you’re making the world more free and literally a better place. 

The difference between FREE and PREMIUM is a number of available locations, priority on our servers that allows faster speed and opportunity to use p2p traffic. 

We keep Free users privacy and protect them from prying eyes, just as we protect our Premium users. If you like to surf or chat privately, unblock websites and video, be invisible online, you’ve just found the best and easiest way to do that. 

DISCLAIMER: Due to strict Internet policy (DPI- deep packet inspection) in several countries we cannot provide a proper service, so please, do not try to use Privatix and buy premium accounts in China, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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    is carzy, seen I got payed for it , I still not connect with my computer

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