How we make money

We promise:

  • Privatix will always provide a free service on the highest and best-effort speed available.
  • Privatix does not store your data and does not monitor who you are or what you’re doing online.
  • Privatix does not sell or provide any personal data to third parties.
  • At Privatix you are not a product, we do not use you as an access point,peer, exit node or botnet.
  • Privatix income comes from its Premium users, who want more locations and higher speed.
  • Privatix can provide access for any qualified tech-expert to check our code.

How we make money?

  • Privatix offers free services but with limited locations and best-effort speed (free-slot basis).
  • Privatix will not compromise any of our users’ privacy and security, whether they pay or not.
  • Privatix provides Premium service that is financing our operation and support our free users.
  • Privatix Premium service offers more locations, higher speed and features and all this at the sandwich price!
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